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Green Matters

Enjoying inspirational country walks on the doorstep feeds into the designs of Barley Bay as does the endless photographs we take when out and about on our travels.

The natural landscape and environmental issues are hugely important to Barley Bay, we endeavour to reassess the impact of our creativity every step of the way. Fabrics used for the original textile designs are natural, sustainable & recycled as far as possible with very little wastage.

Being Art Cards many of them can be framed once received but all cards and envelopes are FSC and fully recyclable so there’s no glitter or foil for now and we’ve taken the ‘Naked Pledge’ so individual customers buying direct will no longer have their cards sent in a cello wrap and any E-tailers or zero-waste stockist's can choose the option of Naked Cards. At the moment there is no real alternative to cellos as plant based ones are much more expensive and don’t have much of a shelf life, demand is growing for a solution so we’re sure there will be one eventually so until then Bricks & Mortar retailers will continue to receive cards in cellos unless they are brave enough to request Naked Cards!

Stockists may have noticed that their deliveries are made in custom made recycled boxes too, padded out with recycled protection and we now use gummed paper tape where possible……So hopefully we will have many more Summer Meadows to roll in.

Green Matters